Welcome to the Karmanos Conquers Cancer blog

Dr. Gerold Bepler

As president and CEO of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, I would like to welcome you to the newly launched Karmanos Conquers Cancer blog. We are excited to be taking another step in reaching out to you through social media.

We’ve had our Karmanos Cancer Center Facebook fan page for almost two years and have been on Twitter at @karmanoscancer for almost the same length of time. We thank our faithful Facebook fans and Twitter followers!

 This blog will introduce you to some of the incredible medical and support staff working at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center. Here you will read from a first person perspective what our employees do each day at a center that has been chosen the most preferred cancer center in southeast Michigan for four consecutive years.

We at Karmanos have the privilege of caring for people who are battling cancer. That takes a special sort of person who day after day gives their all for our patients. We think there are many extraordinary stories to tell.

Here, you’ll read about our scientific researchers, who look for the most effective treatments for cancer. You’ll read a story from our senior genetic counselor, who discusses the benefits of genetic testing for cancer. You’ll learn more about the job of our hospice liaison and how he and his colleagues were able to accommodate a lung cancer patient’s wishes to be home for the holidays. You’ll become acquainted with some of the wonderful supportive services at Karmanos that assist both cancer patients and their families through their cancer journey.

Check back often to our blog. We welcome your comments. Let us know what you’d like to read about at Karmanos. Share your own story. We’re listening and interested in what our readers have to say.

Thank you for visiting our blog. Enjoy!

Gerold Bepler, M.D., Ph.D., president and CEO, Karmanos Cancer Center


1 Response to “Welcome to the Karmanos Conquers Cancer blog”

  1. 1 cancer November 27, 2011 at 4:37 am

    Dr. Brawley is spot on concerning PSA screening. Which begs the question of how solid is the evidence for definitive treatment method – regardless of whether surgical procedure or radiation – for males with asymptomatic, PSA-detected, reduced-probability prostate most cancers? That is a problem each and every patient will need to probe, dependable with his true situation, in advance of remaining talked into hasty definitive cure.

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