Highly-skilled Karmanos radiation oncologists make the real difference at Monroe Cancer Center

Dr. Andre Konski

By Andre Konski, M.D, MBA, FACR, chief of Radiation Oncology at the Karmanos Cancer Center

At the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, we know that having the right tools to fight disease is important. However, it’s more important that doctors be highly skilled in using those tools. We believe it’s that skill that makes all the difference to those fighting cancer.

We have radiation oncologists at Karmanos who are highly trained to deliver radiation to cancer patients with pin-point accuracy. Radiation, which is much like the ultraviolet wavelength in sunlight, only at a higher frequency, kills cancer cells and stops them from spreading. It can also relieve symptoms in patients who cannot be cured. Radiation treatment is safe and very effective on many cancers, including lymphoma as well as breast, head and neck, prostate and gastrointestinal cancers.

Cancer patients can schedule appointments themselves with specially-trained, certified Karmanos radiation oncologists at the Monroe Cancer Center, a recent joint venture between Karmanos, Mercy Memorial Hospital System and ProMedica of Toledo. Our radiation oncologists are leaders in education and clinical training. They are also actively involved in national efforts to assure safety and accuracy in radiotherapy delivery.

The beautiful new Monroe Cancer Center, located at 800 Stewart Road, has brought world-renowned radiation oncology cancer care to Monroe and the surrounding communities. The $5 million, 12,700-square-foot facility houses radiation oncology services provided by Karmanos; medical oncology by the Toledo Clinic; and clinical trials and Cancer Connection supportive services through Mercy Memorial Hospital.

It takes great skill and knowledge to handle complex radiation therapy equipment. The Radiation Oncology Department at Karmanos includes a highly-skilled team of physicists, dosimetrists, therapists and nurses. They calibrate the machines, handle various technology issues and collaborate with the physicians on patient care. They have passed all criteria for the credentialing process for national cooperative clinical trials from the Radiological Physics Center, an organization sponsored by the National Cancer Institute to monitor consistency in radiotherapy delivery.

Patients usually receive radiation therapy in small doses over several weeks from a machine outside the body. We use advanced external-beam equipment to target tumors and spare normal tissues. The radiation oncologists work very closely with our radiation physicists to minimize side effects and improve outcomes.

You’ll also find radiation oncology services at our other facilities in midtown Detroit and at Karmanos’ Weisberg Cancer Treatment Center in Farmington Hills.

So if you’re facing cancer, don’t leave your treatment to chance. Make sure that you have a radiation oncologist who can provide the high level of skill and accuracy that you need to fight your cancer. To make an appointment at Karmanos Cancer Center and the Monroe Cancer Center or to find out more information about radiation oncology, please call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-526-6266)


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